>Full inspection

Quality inspection

The product is controlled by quality improved rather than by simply quantity increased.Using the complete quality control system,we have strict inspection on process of manufacture, to assure each bearing to meet technical specification,and all products have full inspection including: width/OD/ID diameter precision measure, bearings’hardness tesing, bearings’ Round measure, Low noise testing. Control of grinding, Max speed. Bearing life.


Warehouse(assembly & finished)


Raw Material incoming: 100% inspection

Inner & outer rings turning:100% inspection

Heat treatment: random inspection

Face grinding :100% inspection

Outside-diameter grinding :100% inspection

Raceway grinding :100% inspection

Raceway super-finishing :100% inspection

Balls: 80% inspection

Shields :100% inspection

retainers :100% inspection

Grease filling: 100% inspection

Bearings'turning: 100% inspection

Noise & vibration testing:100% inspection

Packing:the final 90% inspection before the formal shipment

The high standard achieved ensures that every component from our fully automated factories will meet the critical standards set by our customers and quality assurance.

Our Quality Policy focuses on increasing customer satisfaction through:

• Strategic management of our Corporation

• Proactive methods to reduce customer returns

• Continuous improvement of our processes

• Compliance with the Export Management System

100% clean room:

To make bearings stead moving,We maintains two 100% clear(No dirty) room to fit bearings excellent quality.

>Supplier of  raw material

Material Declaration Must be provided that materials delivered again cover order are according to RoHS Compliant,This Statement must include,As a minium,Purcahse order number,Part identification,quantity,RoHs restricted material including lead, Mercury,Cadmium,Hexavalent chromium,Polybrominated biphenyls(PBB) or Polybrominated diphenyl ethers(PBDE).